Stress and Mental Health


Emotions and stress are natural aspects of our modern lives. When these emotions become unbalanced or negatively influence our daily lives, however, it is time to take action towards getting back on track.

Emotional Wellness

Emotions are natural side effects of being human, and life would be boring without them! Balance is the key. When emotions fall out of balance, we experience depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger, or even a numbness to life. It is estimated that over 300 million Americans are currently suffering from depression and 40 million are managing anxiety. The causes of these emotional imbalances vary person to person, and no one protocol or drug will be the answer for everyone. That’s where acupuncture comes in. Acupuncture treats the whole person, specific to their unique set of circumstances.

Stress Management

Chronic stress has become an epidemic in our society. While we still benefit from the motivational and life-preserving benefits of stress in situations of opportunity or danger, most of our daily stress is triggered by non-life-threatening conditions. Over time, this chronic stress deteriorates our cardiovascular, neurological, and hormonal health and can cause both minor and severe health concerns. Acupuncture has an immediate effect on our body’s reaction to stress. The treatment smooths blood flow, releases endorphins, and calms the mind. With regular treatment, acupuncture can heal past damages and improve our future responses to stressors.


Addiction is one of the most difficult obstacles in life to overcome, there’s no reason to fight it alone. From sugar to cigarettes to opioids, acupuncture can help you tackle your addiction, retrain your brain, and begin a new future. Acupuncture is used to fight cravings, support your body’s regeneration, and address the underlying issues that may have contributed to the addiction. Acupuncture visits also provide a support system and accountability, which can make all the difference when conquering addiction.

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