Pain Management


Chronic and acute pain is the leading health concern of most people seeking acupuncture treatment.

Chronic Pain

Low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, migraines, joint pain, and fibromyalgia are common conditions that prevent millions of people from engaging fully in their lives every day. Sadly, pain affects more than just the damaged tissue. Those who suffer from chronic pain report higher levels of depression, fatigue, substance abuse, and lower quality of life. Chronic pain contributes to missed days at work, missed social engagements, lack of exercise, and general inability to enjoy life to the fullest.
Thankfully, acupuncture is a well-known and effective therapy in the world of pain management. This ancient treatment helps millions of people conquer their acute and chronic pain every year and can even keep athletes in top shape. From long-standing pain conditions to rehabilitation and athletic enhancement, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine provide holistic and natural approaches to pain relief.

Acute Pain and Athletic Performance

Whether you are recovering from an injury, working towards a fitness goal, or interested in enhancing your athletic performance, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can revolutionize your body care routine. Regular acupuncture helps to relieve the aches and pains of high-intensity exercise, increase blood flow to muscle tissue, bones, and joints, and focus the mind of the athlete. Incorporate acupuncture into your training schedule to prevent injury and perform at your very best.

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